Positive efforts to protect the ones who protect us: Jitendra Khimlani reaching out to our real heroes

Protecting the population of a country like India is a tough job and our armed forces and policemen are doing it day and night. But have we ever thought about protecting them ? Jitendra Khimlani is one such person who did and not just that, he even took steps in this direction.

A multifaceted personality, Jitendra Khimlani is a Life Transformation Coach, Art of Living Faculty, Corporate Trainer, Youth Trainer, NLP practitioner, Bach Remedy Practitioner and an Entrepreneur.  From last 8 years he is conducting self development and mental health workshops for people of all age groups and belonging various fields.

While interacting with people in Indian armed forces, he observed that in comparison to current era of technological evolution, earlier these people interacted much less with their families due to limited communication modes. Hence they were not that much aware of the day to day problems or events at their home. But with ever growing reach of technology and easy availability of social media and communication apps, now they are more in touch with their families. While this is definitely a good thing, it has a different angle to it as it disturbs their mind with day to day happenings and makes them emotionally unbalanced at times. Talking about the traffic police, he shares that they are in a stressful situation almost the whole day. Managing traffic, witnessing accidents, facing heated arguments with commuters, etc affects their health and behavior. The policemen go through various unhealthy emotions like anger and aggression while dealing with criminals, thieves, etc. which affects their mental health ultimately affecting physical health.

Jitendra Khimlani thought that meditating for few minutes would give these people needed relaxation and make them stronger from inside. He thought about equipping them with tools to manage their mind and emotions. Hence he started conducting meditation workshops and seminars for Indian Army, traffic police, etc.

In the workshops he makes them experience pranayam and meditation which brings them to a relaxed state of mind and makes them stress free. Mr. Jitendra also introduces them to the beautiful and powerful breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya which is at the core of the programs taught by the Art of Living Foundation. Sudarshan Kriya is a scientifically proven technique that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit thus making an individual happy and healthy.

Even in these current challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Jitendra thought about their well being and donated Ayurveda Immunity kits and masks to policemen and media personnel through the International Association of Human Values (IAHV).

Serving these protectors of our country brings a great sense of satisfaction to Mr. Jitendra Khimlani and he considers this as his national duty and his contribution for the nation. Jai Hind!