Jitendra Khimlani – A Motivational Speaker, Life Transformation Coach

Jitendra Khimlani

The right guidance from the right person holds the utmost importance for a person’s bright future. There’s when a life coach or a mentor comes in the picture. It is the life coach who can push you to the best of your limits in order to achieve your goals. Mr. Jitendra Khimlani is exactly doing the same to empower people and bring a positive impact in everyone’s life. He is the faculty at The Art of Living Foundation established by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. After learning the important life lessons from his Guru, Jitendra Khimlani is now spreading the teaching for everyone’s health and wellness. He offers a variety of self-development programs to children, teenagers, youths, corporates and adults. By his work, the motivational speaker has brought a transformation in around 30,000 lives and still counting.

He takes seminars and programs frequently all over Gujarat and is connecting people from other parts of the country as well through his online sessions. Mr. Khimlani is also a faculty for the Prajna Yoga (intuition) program where the children are taught to develop their intuitive ability. In the past, he has conducted multiple sessions in Gujarat’s top colleges and universities. Besides this, Mr. Jitendra is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. NLP is a pseudoscientific approach to improving communication, personal development and psychotherapy. Along with this, he is even a certified Bach Remedy practitioner. It is a system of natural medicine for emotional health and balance developed by Dr Edward Bach many years ago.

Many people consider Mr. Khimlani as a healer who has transformed them physically, emotionally and mentally. Through his years of experience, he has specialized and has become a master in understanding human psychology. Be it issues related to life or business; people consult him for all the problems to overcome stress, anxiety and depression. “It is important to have a peaceful mind. No work can happen successfully with a chaotic mind”, quoted the life coach. Moreover, Jitendra Khimlani also has great entrepreneurship skills. He was initially into his family’s dairy business after which he started his own food consultancy. At the age of 26, he started his company into the mining segment and another venture into the field of digital marketing.