A unique revolution conceptualized by the Hero for Humanity – Jitendra Khimlani

We all want to do something and be the inspiration, do something that brings about a positive change in the current scenario, do something that brings smile on the faces of the people, do something that makes our world a better place to live, do something that spreads love and belongingness among people, do something people will be proud of and be inspired from it, do something that makes us feel good.

Some people already have this fire in them, while the others are only an inch away from being ignited. All that we need is to be that spark, to be the spark that ignites the fire of humanity. And this is exactly what Mr. Jitendra Khimlani, fondly called as Jitu bhaiya, is doing to convert these sparks into a big fire, to start a revolution, to be the revolution. In the year 2014, he conceptualized ‘#SEVATREND’.

Mr. Jitendra Khimlani is a Life Transformation Coach, Art of Living Faculty, Corporate Trainer, Youth Trainer, NLP practitioner, Bach Remedy Practitioner and a successful Entrepreneur. From last 8 years he is conducting self-development and mental health workshops for people of all age groups and belonging various fields like college students, young corporates, businessmen, police, army personnel, etc.

The Conceptualization

Some people very well know the importance of ‘Seva’ (service) and the fact that it is the only way to bring peace and ambiguity and to uplift oneself and the human spirit. But not everyone is fortunate enough to know it. Nor can we single handedly change the whole world. There are people who want to do good deeds but don’t know how and what to do and there are people who do things looking at other people doing it. Mr. Jitendra wanted each and every such individual to be that change we want to see. We need to reach to masses to bring the positive change in their lives and the people around them through ‘seva’, through the random act of kindness and inspire the world. Because only when we start giving, we really start living. He wanted to make reach the importance of ‘seva’ in whole world.

Mr. Jitendra wanted seva not merely to be a modest act of kind good hearted people but an act one should be proud of and to show and inspire others. He observed that people follow the things which are in trend, just as how clicking Selfie has become a trend. Thus, he thought why not make seva a trend and people, the trendsetter! This is how SEVATREND got its name. And to align it with the current technology, “#” hashtag was added before it. Thus the birth of #Sevatrend

On 13th May, 2014 which is the Birthday of Art of Living Founder Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mr. Jitendra Khimlani launched the concept- #sevatrend – Neki Kar Social Media Pe Daal..!

What is Sevatrend

Sevatrend is a seva revolution conceptualized upon the powerful belief of responsibility, belongingness and Inspiration.

Any act which one thinks brings smile on someone’s face is the only condition required to be part this revolution. All one has to do is go out, help someone, click a picture of the seva act, tweet/post it on his/her social media wall with #sevatrend. These posts are then shared from the social media accounts of #sevatrend. Thus, the people doing such random acts of kindness become an inspiration for people around them.

People watch others do sevatrend and start doing it on their individual level or they join the individuals doing sevatrend and do such activity in a group. Thus sevatrend kindles a sense of responsibility as well as harmony among individuals.

Inspiring Stories

Mr. Jitendra shares one such heart touching example of inspiration. He had posted about a sevatrend he did on his social media account where he met a physically disabled boy near a railway station. To his astonishment and great surprise, the very same night when he posted this, he got a random message of a person residing out of India offering monetary help for that boy’s medical treatment! Mr. Jitendra’s belief of bringing a social revolution through sevatrend became even stronger.

The Revolution!

From feeding leftover food to the needy to treating the less fortunate ones with cake on birthdays, from donating blood to save someone’s life to distributing blankets to save people shivering from cold in chilly nights, spreading love to innocent souls on valentine’s day to flying high the kites and hence the spirits of physically & mentally disabled people, whether its thanking the women police officials or the night guards at ATMs & hospitals, SEVATREND has truely brought out the kindness, love & compassion buried somewhere inside the hearts.

Since the initiation in the year 2014, SEVATREND has inspired lakhs of people and touched infinite lives! This unique concept by Mr. Jitendra Khimlani has also been covered on Art of Living Foundation’s official website.

The Revolution has just begun! So, just go out, help someone, click a picture and share about it with #sevatrend on your social media. There are many souls that need a hand. Your one act of seva will inspire a million of kind souls out there and revolutionize our world. Let us stop being pessimist about the mind set of our society and be the change we want to see in the world.

Sevatrend will make your act reaches every corner possible to ignite a sense of responsibility, belongingness and inspiration in the world. And then pat yourself, you are a superhero determine to help save humanity!


Happy #Sevatrend!